How to Build Citations for Your Local SEO Campaign - This Way?

How to build citations for your local SEO campaign this way?

With more and more importance growing to local SEO to get the new and small business reach the customers, the different strategies used as a part of local SEO for your business are also discussed on a wider note. 

When you are juggling to win the location-centric competition for your business, you might have all heard about the importance of citations in bringing your local search engine rankings. 

With the top local SEO strategies that are discussed widely on the internet, they are no more super secret tactics to win the competition. What makes the search engines recognize your business as unique to list in the top of the search results?  

It is nothing other than finding authority and relevant citation website for your business.  Of course, quality local citations digging deep into the implementation of this local SEO strategy will make your business stand out in the search results.

What are citations? 

Citations are mentions of your business details along with your NAPs in the various business directories across the search engine.  There are many directories that search engines collect your business information from. 

While many business organization build citations on different directories as part of their local SEO so there may be many businesses on these directories with similar names to each other so, the search engines need to find something unique related to your business. You may ask me what other than business address and phone number can establish your unique identity of the business to the search engines?  I would rather say to go by quality citations rather than quantity. 

Remember that citations are a great way of signaling the search engines that the business displayed through the stated website belongs to particular geographic location and provides specific product or service, your citations should be qualitative rather than quantitative. 

Here is a guide to help you build your local SEO citations effectively to get expected results.

How to Build Citations for Your Local SEO Campaign - This Way?

Beginner Level

Citations from the quality and authority and relevant website are going to add more weight to your backlinks. How can startup businesses find the directorates that are authoritative and relevant? 

Even if the finding relevant directory might be easy based on the category of the business, finding the ones that are authoritative may be a tough game. An easy-way-out could be finding a top ranking website for a keyword related to your business. Then copy the competitor's NAP and place it in quotations.   

Conduct a Google search with the phrase in the quotations and you will find the list of potential websites where you place your business citations for higher rankings. Complete the end to end list of potential website you come across. After you are done, it is worth choosing the second competitor and repeats the same process.

How to Build Citations for Your Local SEO Campaign - This Way?

Intermediary Level

Citations are a not a onetime local SEO strategy. As the new and new directories coming up in the new digital world, you should continue the process from time to time to keep up your local SEO rankings. As the business growth is never stagnating, manual operation of these local SEO citations becomes a challenging game as it expands. 

When your business is it intermediary level,  you may have to implement many other local SEO strategies to win the customer share as your business might be thinking of operating multiple business locations or have already established one. When you can little bigger on your local SEO marketing budget, you can buy nifty tools like a scrapbook that can automate the process for you. 

You have just the NAP details in the tool and it will list out the entire pages of the search results in one area and you can easily export these details to the excel sheet minimizing your effort and saving a great deal of time.
How to Build Citations for Your Local SEO Campaign - This Way?

Advanced level

Good to know that your business has reached that great stage of carrying business on large scale. This does not make the importance of Local SEO or citations strategy less important, they always a pave growth path for your business irrespective of your business stage.  Even using the scrapbook for finding citations might not go well as your business grow.   

You can expand your local SEO budget and purchase tools like a white spark that will do the entire job related to your Local SEO citations like finding the right ones and placing your business information there.   

You should input some NAP details and category of the business and your job is done. Though using the app is little pricey, you will save a good deal of time in your link building strategies.

How to Build Citations for Your Local SEO Campaign - This Way?


It does not matter the size of the business you hold, you should build good link building strategy as part of your Local SEO campaign to stay on the top of the search results.  

Author Bio: - Amit Chauhan

Author Bio: - Amit Chauhan

Amit Chauhan is the Founder & CEO at SearchClap. Amit is an Internet Marketer, Blogger, SEO Consultant, Link Building specialist & Maps marketing Specialist. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask me via the comments section! Remember to share this tutorial with others on Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus.

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