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Earn Money From Payoneer Affiliate Program [Step By Step Guide - 2018]

Earn Money From Payoneer Affiliate Program [Step By Step Guide - 2018]
Earn high commissions and grow your business by promoting Payoneer’s secure, fast and low cost solution to your contacts, visitors and customers. Share your unique sign up link through blog posts, articles, banners, emails, landing pages, Facebook posts and tweets. You’ll get paid for every new customer that signs up for Payoneer through your link.

Payoneer is a platform that makes it easy to receive and send money to your relative, friends, co-workers and others both home and abroad.

What Is Payoneer Affiliate Program?

It is a lucrative way to make money online just by referring new customers to Payoneer. Each customer that you refer to Payoneer through your unique Affiliate Link and he/she signs up with Payoneer and receive at least $1000 amount payment in total, you will receive your fixed CPA bonus.

How to Join Payoneer Affiliate Program?

Joining their Affiliate Program is that easy and all you have to do is follow the below steps.
Step #1: Visit Payoneer and sign up with them.

Step #2: Visit Payoneer Affiliate sign up page & fill in all the required info & submit your application (It usually takes a few days your application to be reviewed and once it’s reviewed by Payoneer Affiliates Team, you will receive an Email regarding it.

Step #3: Once your account approved, you will be able to log into your account.

How to Promote Payoneer & Make Money?

Before you promote Payoneer, make sure to read their T&C here.

Now you need to log into your affiliate account and get your Affiliate Link which you can share with the rest of the world and whoever clicks it, signs up with Payoneer and receives at least $1000 into his/her account, you will get the commission.

Here’s how to get your Unique Affiliate Link & share with the world & then how it will work.

Step #1: Log into your affiliate account.

Step #2: Under the Offers sidebar menu, click on Live Offers & opt for any available offers. Probably you will find PAFF Multi-Tier Offer.

Step #3: You will get your unique Affiliate Link which you can share on your blog, social media etc.

How Will I Earn Money with Payoneer Affiliate Program?

Once you started promoting your unique affiliate link and you know that anyone signed up with Payoneer through your link then just log into your Affiliate account and you will see the number of approved users and the commission you earned.

Here’s a quick process how you will earn money.
  1. You promote your unique affiliate link.
  2. Anyone signs up with Payoneer through your link.
  3. He then receives at least $1000 in total.
  4. You will get fixed CPA commission.
  5. Moreover, he will also get up to $25 from your link.
Earn Money With Payoneer Affiliate Program - Earn $25 Free.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask me via the comments section! Remember to share this tutorial with others on Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus.

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